About Grayhawk

Grayhawk Hiking and Lake

Grayhawk is a 1,800-acre private lakefront property tucked away in one of the most beautiful corners of historic Ste. Genevieve County.

With two crystal-clear, stream-fed lakes, and miles of pristine shoreline, Grayhawk is an ideal sanctuary for nature-lovers who enjoy boating, fishing or waterskiing. Add in an over-sized swimming pool, and miles of rustic hiking trails, and you'll find endless pathways to a lifestyle that is invigorating, relaxing and rewarding for the whole family.

Historic Ste. Genevieve is just minutes away.

Just minutes from Grayhawk, you'll discover the remarkable treasure that is Ste. Genevieve. This charming community will give you a glimpse into the pioneer spirit of the settlers who arrived here in the 1740s. A stroll along the streets, lined with rare and historic French-Colonial architecture, reveals an eclectic collection of restaurants and shops.

Route du Vin

Route du Vin

On the Route du Vin you'll find several wineries, many operated by descendants of early French and German pioneers, welcoming visitors year round with distinctive wines of the region.

For more information: rdvwinetrail.com